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Gorilla iPhone Stand

iPod Touch Writing

This post is a response to an email sent by a reader.

Chronically ill, she spends a lot of time on a recliner writing and surfing the web, but her 17 inch laptop is too heavy to keep on her lap.

She’s thinking about getting an iPad to write on, but she also wants to know if she’d be just as happy writing on her iPod Touch instead.

I replied:

Sorry to hear that you’re sick. Writing is such a good way to be productive when you’re too unwell to do anything else.

I think you could be just as happy with a Bluetooth Keyboard and your iPod Touch. But first, I need to check a few things with you.

How old is your iPod Touch? If it can run iOS4 you’re good to go. It means you can use all the latest word processing apps and connect to a Bluetooth keyboard too.

Do you already own a Bluetooth keyboard? (You mention “the Bluetooth keyboard” in your email, so it sounds like you’ve already got one.)

If you don’t have a Bluetooth keyboard, I recommend the Apple Wireless Keyboard. It’s cheap (only $100 or so new) and extremely comfortable and light. It works beautifully with Mac devices running iOS4 and with laptops as well. This means even if you decide not to write on your iPod Touch, the keyboard isn’t wasted. You can put your heavy laptop onto a nearby table and write on it using the feather-light Apple Wireless Keyboard on your lap.

If you want to write on your iPod Touch, I recommend starting out with a free app. The Mail app is built into the iPod Touch. Just do your writing in an email and email it to your laptop when you’re finished.

If you enjoy that, get yourself a tripod for your iPod Touch so you can write more ergonomically. This extendable tripod only costs about $6 from eBay:

iPhone Tripod Stand

Tripod stand - try searching eBay for "iPhone tripod"

It will be useful if you want to put your iPod Touch on a nearby table at eye level. You can balance it on your recliner too (I use it on my bed) but you’ll have to hold it steady each time you move.

If you want to attach your iPod Touch to your recliner, you might want to try a Gorilla-style tripod such as this one:

Gorilla iPhone Stand

Gorilla iPhone stand - try searching eBay for "Gorilla iPhone stand"

The flexible legs can wrap around the arms of your recliner and hold your iPod Touch steady.

The next step in iPod Touch writing would be purchasing the TextExpander app for autocorrection as you type. You could also buy a word processing app. There are hundreds available. I recommend My Writing Spot or Notebooks if you don’t use formatting such as italics or bolding in your writing. If you use formatting, Doc2 is an inexpensive, but fully featured app.

So there you are. I hope that answered your questions. If you have any more, please don’t hesitate to ask.





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Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apple Wireless KeyboardThe Apple Wireless Keyboard is unquestionably the best Bluetooth keyboard that I’ve ever used, and it works beautifully with the iPhone.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard’s quality and ease of use is evident from the moment you open the box. The keyboard ships with two AA batteries, which are not only included but are actually inserted. Most new electronic devices require a few moments of hunting for the battery compartment, and then a few more moments of hunting for a tool to lever the compartment open. Not the Apple Wireless Keyboard. All you have to do is turn it on.

Pairing your iPhone and the Apple Wireless Keyboard for the first time is a breeze. There’s no need to find and press a connection button. Just turn the keyboard on, and your iPhone will do the rest.

It’s possible to touch type very quickly on the Apple Wireless Keyboard. As it’s full-sized and all the keys are the correct size, shape and position, getting up to speed takes no time at all.

The keyboard control buttons work. The volume keys adjust your iPhone’s volume, and the eject button makes your on-screen keyboard appear and disappear. The brightness keys function. The only non-functional keys are Dashboard and Expose, but that isn’t surprising as the iPhone operating system lacks those features.

You don’t even need to tell the Apple Wireless Keyboard to reconnect the next time you want to use it. Just turn it on, and watch your on-screen keyboard close automatically, when it realises you have a better way to input text.

Yes, the Apple Wireless Keyboard is larger than a folding Bluetooth keyboard. But it’s extremely thin and only weighs just over 300 grams. The lack of a number pad means the keyboard is quite compact and fits easily into a handbag.

There are only two things missing with the Apple Wireless Keyboard, as far as writing on your iPhone is concerned.

The first thing is protection. The Apple Wireless Keyboard is intended for desktop use and doesn’t come with a case. Cases made specifically for the keyboard tend to be expensive and hard to find. The easiest, cheapest and rather ill-fitting substitute would be an iPad case.

The second thing missing is a stand for your iPhone. It’s far more comfortable to write when your iPhone is propped up on a stand because the screen is harder to read when it is lying flat. Buying a separate stand or using one from another keyboard would be a good idea.

Although it lacks a stand and a case, I can definitely recommend the Apple Wireless Keyboard for writing on your iPhone. It is currently the keyboard I choose to use most.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard is US$60 or A$99. It’s available from a wide range of computer stores and also online.