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Magic Cube Virtual Keyboard

Magic Cube Virtual Laser Keyboard

Magic Cube Virtual Keyboard

At last, there’s a full-sized virtual laser keyboard specifically designed to work with iPhones and iPads running iOS4.

Due 2011, the Magic Cube by Celluon is apparently also a multi touch capable mouse and a handwriting recognition device.

Chris Chon, Director of Sales at Celluon tells me Magic Cube will be revealed at the CES in Las Vegas, January 2011.

I, for one, am looking forward to it. The Magic Cube sounds like the must-have device for iPhone writers who want to travel as light as possible. A full-sized keyboard AND mouse AND handwriting recognition in a device barely larger than a matchbox sounds like an iPhone writer’s dream.

Magic Cube will be available from online distributors late January 2011 at a cost of US$$199.99.