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iCloud and iPhone Writing

iCloudHow will iOS5 and Lion change iPhone writing? One word: iCloud, due out in Fall in the Northern Hemisphere.


iCloud is the new Cloud-based back up system for Apple devices. It means iPhone and iPad writers will no longer need to connect to a laptop or desktop computer to back up their documents. All documents will wirelessly and automatically upload to iCloud.


iCloud is accessible to all a user’s devices. Write a chapter on your iPhone and you’ll find it on your iPad ready to be edited.


Using the Cloud as back up is nothing new. My Writing Spot app (name changed from My Writing Nook) uses Google Docs to backup. But iCloud will give you five gig of free space compared to the one gig supplied by Google Docs and backup is automatic and in the background. My Writing Spot only backs up when you tap the back up button.


Currently only Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps use iCloud. But Apple has released iCloud storage APIs so other developers can put iCloud functionality into their apps.


iCloud will also back up email, photos, music, apps and iBooks.