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MP-0118+ Bluetooth Keyboard

iPhone Writer Questions

MP-0118+ Bluetooth Keyboard

The MP-0118+ folding Bluetooth keyboard

Do you write using your iPhone? Do you want to appear on iPhonewriting.com?

If so, please fill in these questions and email your answer to Charl.

Who are you? Please give a brief bio, including your web page so I can link to it.

Why did you start writing on your iPhone?

What do you use to write on your iPhone? A Bluetooth keyboard? The on-screen keyboard? What apps do you use? How do you get text on and off your iPhone?

Has the way you write on your iPhone changed over time? e.g. did you start out using one app but switched to a better one?

Where do you write on your iPhone? At home? At work? While you’re commuting?

Do you know anyone else who writes on his or her iPhone and do you keep in touch?

Would you recommend writing on your iPhone to others?

Do you have anything else you’d like to add?