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iPhone Tripod and Apple Wireless Keyboard

iPhone Writing Ergonomics

iPhone Tripod and Apple Wireless KeyboardHow can you stay productive for longer and avoid repetitive strain injury while writing on your iPhone?

The answer is ergonomics: the process of designing or arranging workspaces so that they fit the people who use them (Ergonomics in Australia 2011).

Ergonomics is usually applied to full-sized computer work stations but can be just as easily applied to writing on your iPhone. When you’re sitting down to write, make sure you do the following things:

1. Sit upright in your chair. Make sure your hips are as far back as they can go and your back is against the back rest.

2. Adjust your chair until your feet are flat on the floor, and your knees are the same height as your hips.

3. Adjust or get rid of your armrests, if they’re in the way.

4. Position your keyboard close and directly in front of you. Your shoulders should be relaxed and your wrists and hands straight.

5. When you’re writing on your iPhone, it’s tempting to use a folding Bluetooth keyboard for maximum portability. But folding keyboards usually lack an ergonomic tilt, and have small, cramped keys in awkward positions. For long-term productivity and comfort, use a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard.

6. Your iPhone needs to be centred in front of you and at eye-level. If you rest it flat on the table, your neck and eyes will start to ache. Buy an inexpensive tripod stand ($5 from eBay) and you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your comfort and productivity.

7. Minimise glare by positioning your iPhone at right angles to windows. The tripod stand makes it easy to adjust your iPhone’s position.

8. Take frequent breaks. Stretch and look away from the screen every twenty to thirty minutes. Once every hour, stash your iPhone, tripod stand and keyboard in your bag and go for a five minute walk.


Ergonomics in Australia 2011, Victoria, Australia, viewed 11 February 2011, http://www.ergonomics.com.au.

Dropbox Icon


Dropbox IconDropbox is one of the must-have apps for the iPhone. It’s a free service (if you’re storing under two gigs of data) and it puts a folder on your iPhone that you can drag and drop files into from your Mac or Windows computer.

Think of what you could do with that! You could drag and drop PDF files onto your iPhone for later reading in either the Notebooks or iBooks apps. You could drop in the photographs you’ve just taken, for your family and friends to pick up.

Writers can useĀ Dropbox to store text documents that can be accessed and edited from your iPhone and home computer. No longer will you have to email documents to yourself, paste text into your word processor and not be quite sure if you’re looking at the latest version of the document.

If you use Scrivener 2.0, you can arrange to share a text folder that you can edit from both your home computer and your iPhone.

Dropbox is an absolute must-have for writers, and best of all it’s free if you use under two gig of storage space. After that, plans start at US$9.99 a month.